Woman poops inside supermarket store and continues shopping!

Store employees found poo on the floor covered with baby clothes. They thought it was a dog’s poo. But what they found out after stunned them and it is really disgusting.

A woman wearing leggings and a hoodie was caught on a CCTV footage having a quick survey around the area and hid away from the cameras. When she thought she’s ready to drop the bomb, she suddenly pulled down her bottoms and then squatted to poop.

Woman poops inside supermarket store and continues shopping!

The nasty footage has already been uploaded to some social media sites like Facebook, showing the woman emptying her bowels onto the aisle before proceeding on shopping. After taking a poo, in her defense, she covered it with baby clothes worth £40. Staff at B & M later discovered a pile of poo covered up with new baby clothes. The staff thought that it was a dog’s or a child’s dirt, but the when they pulled out the CCTV, they were stunned that a lady owned the dirt.

You can see in the footage that a lady shopper quickly defecates on the floor and then carried on with her shopping as if nothing happened.

Several employees described the act on social media as “disgusting” and “filthy”. The same incident happened last month in the Southport Store.

Merseyside Police confirmed that they are already investigating the incident and B & M management decided to be mum and not to comment on the incident while the investigation is still ongoing.

“Police can confirm a report was received on Monday, June 1, that a woman had caused damage to clothing inside a shop in Southport.”, the spokeswoman for the police stated.

“Staff at the B&M store on Lord Street contacted the police after finding damaged clothing. Enquiries are on-going in relation to the matter.”, the spokesperson added.