This Real Life Mermaid Lives The Life And Can Even Hold Her Breath For 5 Minutes! Come Take A Dive!

At the end of the day we only have one shot to get life right, so you have to do what motivates you. People in old age who wasted their youth with paper chasing and busy schedules, full of things they thought they "had" to do will tell you. If you want to find true success, that is going to be where your peace and happiness is, and not where your bank account is located. Some of the most wealthy people in the world can attest to that whole money not being equal to happiness thing.

Take Mermaid Melissa for instance. She changed her name from Melissa Dawn to better fit her new lifestyle as a mermaid. This chick is hardcore when it comes to doing her "under the sea" thing, although she doesn't have singing flounder or crab friends to accompany her. However, she can hold her breath for up to five minutes! This allows her to dive freely and explore the environment around her.

Mermaid Melissa went through some training in her personal time to be able to free dive and swim the way that she does with her fin. She legitimately looks like "The Little Mermaid," minus the blonde hair. She does admit that her lifestyle on and off land is heavily influenced by the character and the film.

She said in an interview with Mail Online "There isn't a day I'm not splashing about with my mermaid tail on. I'm always living the mermaid lifestyle both in and out of the water." Word is she was an aquatic performer for 10 years, and even has a large practice pool in her backyard. Pretty serious right?

Check out Mermaid Melissa free diving with a HUGE Manta Ray near Lady Elliot Island in this video.