Don't use your mobile gadget while charging before something horrible happens to you!

Playing games, having pictures, do some surfings, etc.
These are the things that we do in a new generation of gadgets.
Mobile phones are so effective and very helpful in this new era that we have now,
But the question is are we even safe? Are we even protected in the technology nowadays?

In the picture you see is an unidentified man with a hand fresh from the explosion that occurred while playing with his mobile phone because of this, the netizens are becoming more careful because of what they saw in this picture.

According to the reports these are the tips to prevent an explosion from mobile phones or tablets.

Use an original battery or well-known replacement brands. 'It may be cheaper to buy cheap batteries,
but consider how much you pay for your phone and how much you like your apartment in one piece'.

Devices should not be kept in hot areas, especially while charging.
'Ambient temperatures affect batteries a lot'.

'If your phone is charging or you are using functions that cause it to heat up a lot,
make sure you are using it on a ventilated place'.