A Stomach-Churning Video Shows An INCH-LONG Worm Being Teased Out Of A Teen’s Eye.

A teenage boy was subjected to the nauseating procedure of removing a large live worm from his eye, where it had been living for a month.

The unnamed teen, from Pozuzo, Peru, went to the Children’s Hospital in Lima, complaining of a swollen left eye.

A Stomach-Churning Video Shows An INCH-LONG Worm Being Teased Out Of A Teen’s Eye.

Believing it was a simple case of inflammation, doctors prescribed medicines, however they did not help.

The medics then carried out a scan and were shocked to discover that the boy had the larvae of a worm living within his eye.

Instead of surgically removing the worm, the doctors opted for a less conventional approach.

They used basil leaves to lure the worm out of the boy’s eye, hoping it would be attracted to their smell.

The repulsive video has captured ophthalmologist Carolina Marchena holding the herb close to the teen’s tear duct, as she tries to tempt the critter out.

The teenager arrived at the hospital in Lima with a swelling in his left eye which doctors at first thought was a simple inflammation.

Once the worm emerges, Dr. Marchena and her assistants use tweezers to pull it out.

It seems stuck until the medics give the worm one last pull and it is finally removed, as we hear shrieks and giggles.

The camera then focuses on the container holding the worm to reveal that it is just over two inches in length and about a quarter of an inch wide, with a fatter yellow head and a thinner tail.

Doctors lured the worm from the 17-year-old’s eye with basil — as it is attracted to the smell of the herb.

After the worm was pulled out with tweezers, doctors discovered it was just over an inch long and about a quarter of an inch wide.

Dr. Marchena said that she was pleased with her choice of using basil to lure the creature out of the eye. She told AFP:

We are astonished because it is unheard of to have been able to remove the larvae without any surgery.

Doctors believe that the worm had been living inside the teen’s face for about a month.

They think that it was probably a mosquito of the species Dermatobia hominis, or human botfly, which laid its larvae in his eye.

Doctors believe a human botfly mosquito bit the boy and laid its larvae in his eye. The worm is pictured after being removed.

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