This new born baby was buried by his parents alive for eight days! The reason will make you angry!

China has a huge rate when it comes to abandoning children, especially the newborn babies. An outstanding new born child survived the odds despite of being abandoned for eight straight days.

Lu Fenglian, an old woman was out in the mountains of the Tiang Dong Country to collect and claim some herbs for a Chinese Medicine when she heard a crying child.

At first she was frightened, thinking that it was the haunted spirits in the mountain so she hurriedly ran to the Buddhist temple to seek help.

With the help of Monk Zhao Shimin, Lu returned to the scene where she heard the baby crying. The monk had the idea that the baby might be buried underground. They called the authorities and dug up the dirt until they have found the poor little kid.

The newborn baby was in a cardboard box covered with a blanket which is full of dirt.

The baby was left there by the parents because of the cleft lip that he possesses. They rushed the baby to the hospital to seek treatment if it was needed. The baby is now under recovery.