Meet the grumpy puppy who never smiles no matter how many times you pet him

You might be fed up with work or your weight, or just down in the dumps - but chances are you're not as grumpy as this pup.

Move over net sensation Grumpy Cat - these gorgeous pictures show the very grumpiest side of Earl, the internet's most morose mutt.

Meet the grumpy puppy who never smiles no matter how many times you pet him

The peeved pooch went viral when a picture of him sporting his best sullen expression was posted on Reddit and quickly gained more than two million views.

And commenters quickly fell for handsome five-month-old Earl and got busy creating memes and making comparisons to celebrities such as Samuel L Jackson.

One user, grundo1561, remarked that "This dog looks like he pays taxes," while another, PM_ME_YOUR_PM_PHOTOS, jokingly wrote "Say 'fetch' one more time".

Now, owner Derek Bloomfield, 25, has decided to share some new pictures of his downcast dog to prove that Earl is definitely Grumpy Cat's new rival.

Derek, from Iowa, USA, claims that, despite his sulky face, Earl is in fact super-friendly to other humans and dogs. His expression is merely down to an underbite.

His breed - pug and beagle mix - also contributes to his looks. He is a second generation 'puggle' meaning both his parents were also crossbreeds.

Apart from his expression, he is just like any other dogs - enjoying eating snacks, sunbathing and chasing balls around the local park.

Derek said: "He has had the grumpy expression from day one. The vet said he's as healthy as any other puppy. He just looks grumpy because of his underbite, wrinkles, and dark complexion.

"He is the most relaxed, content puppy either one of us has ever seen. Whenever he wants something he'll calmly sit down and stare at us until we ask him the right question. Then he wags his tail in approval.

"He's constantly trying to snuggle up to one of us and has us in constant fits of laughter through his facial expressions and mannerisms. He's a daddy's boy and loves to pick on his momma."

Earl's down-in-the-dumps look makes sure that attention is always on him, with people often stopping Derek or his girlfriend Christie, 30, on the street to remark on how cute he is.

Derek said: "People usually say "Oh my god, he is so cute", "Is he always that grumpy?". Usually a combination of those two phrases and laughter.

"We were both surprised at how quickly he went viral. The first night we were both checking the Reddit and Imgur links constantly just to see everyone's reactions.

"We especially enjoyed the various comparisons between Earl and well known people as well as the different memes that were created.

"Christie and I had talked about finding a puppy and giving him an "old man's name" long before we found Earl."

In a bid to steal Grumpy Cat's reign, the couple have set up a Facebook page and there's also an Instagram account.