Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Powerful Tea Best Natural Remedy Swollen Legs

Swollen legs are a typical issue for some individuals and they can happen because of various reasons. Among the most well-known components which add to the presence of this condition are poor blood flow, menstrual cycle, bad eating routine, weight gain and pregnancy.

Powerful Tea Best Natural Remedy Swollen Legs

If ever that you consider the temperature changes, dampness and hot climate swollen legs are an inescapable appearance. Gravity begins pulling the fluids down to the legs and we start to experience the ill effects of this condition.

This condition can be truly uncomfortable and difficult and if ever that you need to rapidly resolve the issue you have to lift your legs up while resting. Your legs should be at a roughly 30 cm height, at the same stature with the heart. Something else that can help you with this condition is parsley tea; it's extremely gainful when you need to get rid of the excessive fluids from your body.


You'll require some fresh parsley leaves and roots. Slice them up finely and combine them. Put 500ml of water in a pot and boil the water. Include 5 teaspoons of the parsley blend and boil it for 5 minutes.

After you've arranged the tea put it aside, to cool down for around 20 minutes. Strain the tea and drink it 3 times each day. Before long you'll notice astounding results and you won't have issues any longer.


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