Sunday, February 14, 2016

Guava Leaves Can 100% Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy

Guava leaves have been confirmed potent to increase platelets for patients with dengue fever, however can likewise anticipate hair loss. Isn't that awesome?! Specialists say that the leaves can avoid and overcome hair loss if utilized as an everyday hair care. 

Guava Leaves Can 100% Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Like Crazy

Why are guava leaves beneficial for your hair?

The principle purpose behind this is because they are stuffed in vitamin B which is the most imperative vitamin that secures the wellbeing and hair fertility.

What to do?

Boil and good amount of guava leaves in 1 liter of water for 20 minutes. After that, let the blend cool down at a room temperature.

You can use the water from guava leaves like a tonic, applying it on the scalp and the bases of the hair.

You can also do a massaging of your scalp with it, let it stay for couple of hours and afterward wash it off. You can do this procedure, however letting your hair stay like that overnight, simply apply shower cap or a towel and wash off the next morning. When you rub your scalp with tonic produced using guava leaves, you will have the ability to control baldness or hairloss. The herb will reinforce the roots and hair follicles.


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