Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nurse Surprises Homeless Family With Incredible Gift Of A Lifetime

After knowing that a teen she was caring for would soon be homeless, one oncology nurse went far in beyond the call of duty. Nurse Cynthia chose she would do anything she could to help, and then she swung to the compassionate people at the Fox5 surprise Squad.

Nurse Surprises Homeless Family With Incredible Gift Of A Lifetime

Cynthia met 17-year-old Basil after he was determined to have a brain tumor. During hospital visits, Basil's mother began opening up to Cynthia, informing her concerning the family's unfortunate findings. Regardless of her numerous effort, his mother hasn't been after to find a job that can help cover her child's medical treatments.

The whole family is emotionally downed and are on the edge about the condition of Basil's health. In a touching demonstration of kindness, nurse Cynthia figured out how to set the family up with an expanded stay room, free of charge, and was closer to the medical facility — however the family will soon be kicked out with no where else to go.

In any case, Cynthia didn't want to lose hope on the family. She knows firsthand the effect of cancer, as she herself has lost friends and family to the illness.

Keep your tear wipers close for the video below, as the surprise Squad gives Basil and his family an extraordinary blessing that not only Cynthia sees coming. Judging from her response, you'd never know the gift isn't really for her — that just shows how caring and selfless she is.

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