Friday, October 2, 2015

Enraged Rich Woman Throws Wads Of Cash In Store Assistant’s Face

Footage of a Chinese lady has surfaced on the Web demonstrating her browsing through on some jewelries at a store in Handan, China, when out of the blue things go crazy in an instant.

Enraged Rich Woman Throws Wads Of Cash In Store Assistant’s Face

The unidentified lady is soon heard shouting, "You think I can't manage to afford it?" which is followed up by her ,tossing wads of 100 Yuan bills in the store associate's face while in rage.

She goes ahead to say: "Do you believe it. I can purchase the whole street. Do you know who my father is?"

As she tossed three modest bunches of money at the attendant's face, another client intervened whereupon the lady clarified that she just wished to take a closer look at a bracelet on display.

Apparently, during the whole incident the shop attendant kept her calm as others just watched what was going on, which makes individuals question whether this could be an advertising trick by the store itself. Additionally, the way that the lady was conveying such a great amount of cash on her made Web clients question who her dad was and in this manner of uncertainty if the incident is real or scripted.

The video soon became a web sensation and got the consideration of Chinese Web clients, enraging them since the lady's disposition was absolutely uncalled for.



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