Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Norwegian Woman Gives Birth To Baby Elephant!

Norwegia – A large number of Hindis everywhere have started a journey to Norway after a Norwegian couple gave birth to a half-human, half-elephant baby that numerous Hindu experts proclaimed to be the rebirth of the divine deity Ganesha.

A Norwegian Woman Gives Birth To Baby Elephant!

He is commonly recognized as a man with a extra limbs with the head of an elephant, something that it were to really exist, the very sight of it would be really haunting and terrifying.

Alexandar and Lola Andersen attempted to keep their child a secret from the world, however, photos of the youngster alongside the family's detailed identiy spilled to the media. The Andersen's discovered themselves celebrities in the nation of India.

"We wish they would quit hanging outside of our home. Is there any good reason why they won't simply allow us to sit unbothered? We've been through enough already. My infant resembles an elephant and whats worst is, he's a ginger. If they hand me one more basket, I'm going to stab them in their face," said Lola Andersen, the child's parent.

When asked of the tyke's name, father Alexandar just replied, "we never truly gave it a name. To be entirely honest, we were simply going to call it the animal that we keep in the basement. We were basically simply going to keep the little "gingerphant" in the basement and feed him strays animals that we grabbed off of the street. This open up some new choices. We may offer him to India. They'd most likely given him a chance to live in the Taj Mahal

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