Saturday, September 12, 2015

Your Eyes is The Window to your Soul and apparently it also shows what Personality you have.

Natural born leaders tend to have black eyes, and irises that are colored black are very rare and its a fact.

People with black eyes are recognized as mysterious and secretive, but most of the time they are agreeable. If you have dark colored yes, probably you have an excess of melanin in your system, your brain functions quicker if you have more melanin. Dark eyed people excell in the field of sports and are known to drink moderately. That being said, someday if you have dark eyes you might become a president that leads your country and you might even conquer the world.

Your Eyes is The Window to your Soul and apparently it also shows what Personality you have.

Blue eyed people tend to be misunderstood, and are seen as fearful, powerless, or even seen as trust breakers, but actually those people with blue eyes have great physical and inner strength. Women with blue or light colored eyes has the tendency to cope better at pain like in childbirth and they do better with anxiety and depression . A study by German psychologists in 2006 revealed that children with blue eyes tend to be alone and unsociable and were not keen on trying new things. On the bright side, Psychologists said that blue eyed people are often thought of as self-absorbed and very good at competition.

Those with dark grey eyes can have either a dual personality or be extremely well balanced. Those with eyes that are light grey in color can be very defensive and find it hard to be taken seriously. Once you know what their personality and understand it, you will like and care for them deeply.

Hazel eyed people are like chamelion's eyes. They tend to change color reflecting what is nearest to them, going from green to brown, and everywhere in between. Those born with Hazel eyes are unique, and people with this color are self sufficient, courageous, and instinctive and often they are the ones with too much pride, Not accepting help from their peers when they really need it. Some have more melanin than others, so personalities can differ, but the most peculiar trait of hazel eyed people is they are unbearably hard to read. University of South Australia's Dr. Matthew Leach proposed that a liver imbalance can be the cause of hazel eyes, which hazel eyes have a tendency to suffer from stomach ailments and disorders. 

People with brown eyes tends to be aggressive, confident, and agreeable, somewhat the same as those with dark brown/black eyes. Brown eyes are also very humble, fiercely loyal and compassionate, but don't confuse that with being submissive. Brown eyed people are known as night people because they tend to sleep less, and usually are not early risers, which can make browned eyed people get easily agitated or grumpy.

Green eyed people are considered sexy, alluring, and mysterious. When participants of a study done at the Impulse Corporation in Los Angeles, were asked which color eyes they preferred, most said green, using the word "sexy"as the most common adjective to describe green irises. Besides being sexy, green eyes people have a great balance of being dominant yet agreeable, due to the melanin in their eyes, however, they are cautious yet strong, like their blue eyed counterparts. Yet whatever these tests prove it is really up to you to discover the person whatever the color of their eyes is. Don't be too assuming and just try to be yourself and you guys can get along.


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