Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Are Scientists “Awakening“ a 30,000-year-old Super Virus?

Scientists are attempting to revive a sleeping 30,000-year-old Super Virus and know why It’s not like our civilization is facing a scarcity of humanity threatening and potentially ending, deadly viruses.

But it won't stop a team of experts from bringing back to life a sleeping, frankenvirus discovered in a permafrost in Siberia. A team from the French National Centre for Scientific Research discovered the virus which they named the Mollivirus sibericum , they plan to revive the superbug in an attempt to understand its composition in a laboratory. 

Why Are Scientists “Awakening“ a 30,000-year-old Super Virus?

And if that wasn’t scary enough, the scientists and researchers say that the virus is pretty much larger than and more complex than its predecessors. So, before this starts to sound too much like a monster movie in which a virus infects a human host and turns him into a meat eating monster, let’s know exactly why this scientists want to bring this potentially deadly disease back from the dead.

It turns out they are analyzing the mollivirus sibercum if it is harmful to humans or animals.. The scientists wrote about their process in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) explaining: “The saga of giant viruses started in 2003. … ‘Two additional types of giant viruses have been discovered [and] we now describe Mollivirus sibericum, a fourth type of giant virus isolated from the same permafrost sample … 

Their origin and mode of evolution are the subject of conflicting hypotheses. infact two different viruses could be easily awaken from its dormant sleep from prehistoric layer of ice should alarm people and in regard to global warming.” And this is the 4th bug they have found in this area where potential minerals will be mined. 

So in this case the scientists are really not to blame in unleashing this potentially harmufl bug but Globalization and Corporations who exploit every resource they can find even if its under the ice in Siberia or elsewhere. The scientists also say they’re worried that the continued effects of global climate change are releasing more viruses into the world as global warming caused by pollution continues to melt ice shelves and will soon disappear in regions around the world. 

The scientists are only doing what they are supposed to do so dont blame the. Hate the nations and corporations who slowly poison the environment and for giving these high-powered viruses new room to roam. We should do our part in securing a better future for our children it is now or never or we will face extinction and we ourselves are to blame.


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