Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on September 27th

The September double moon phenomenon may be a hoax but that does not mean we’re not getting a breathtaking celestial event on that day.

Yes, we’re still getting a show despite the fact that Mars will not appear as big as the moon. be ready for a very rare supermoon lunar eclipse to brighten up the night sky this month. It’s a supermoon and a lunar eclipse all in one spectacular show. It’s like having two tickets for the price of one.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on September 27th

According to NASA, the very rare event will be the first since 1982 and only the sixth since the 1900s. The supermoon lunar eclipse will be clearly seen to people in North and South America on the 27th of September and in the early morning hours of September 28th to those who are living in Europe and Africa. Supermoons rarely occur when a full moon makes its closest (perigee) approach to Earth. a website reports that supermoons appear about 14 percent larger and brighter than the good old full moon we used to see. 

We had three of those supermoons last year. Now, when this supermoon occurs the moon will also be passing through the Earth’s shadow. So mark your calendars people and we better hope for clear night sky on September 27th because this will be an event you cannot miss and we won't see another supermoon until 2033.


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