Friday, September 4, 2015

She Cuts Into an Old Bra. The End Result? Amazing

Before you rid your closet of any old bras that have seen better days, you can actually turn it into something functional and beautiful.

Ray Lee after posting her video on "All about bras," her audience requested a tutorial on how he made his DIY Backless bra.

She Cuts Into an Old Bra. The End Result? Amazing

This easy step-by-step that is perfect for summer if you have any low back outfits - and even if it only requires light sewing skills, be sure to take care of the needle.

The only tools you need are a pair of scissors, thumbtacks, sewing pins, and a needle and thread.

This project is all about enhancing the existing bra, make sure the straps are pushed up and forward to avoid shown on the back.

The end result is a simple underwear is perfect for the warm weather, back-bearing outfits.

Next time you're going to buy an expensive backless bra, just say no. Make your own instead!


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