Thursday, September 10, 2015

Running on Water? Watch how this Monk Did It

Walking on water or running is a very difficult task to complete or you should be blessed by god to do it.

1 centimeter thick wooden boards are placed in a line atop water. Normally most people wouldn’t make atleast a couple of boards, and will sink. 

Running on Water? Watch how this Monk Did It

But this extraordinary man a Shaolin monk easily broke world records by swiftly running across 200 floating planks of wood for a mind-boggling 410 feet, smashing his previous world record of 393 feet. 

The level of concentration required to perform this trick is stupendous,and do not forget the size of those planks in which where he would run. Shi Liliang from the Quanzhou Shaolin Temple broke no physical laws with his stunt; it was merely the product of intense practice he’s been at it since 2005 

— and a highly developed sense of balance and focus. It clearly shows that practice and dedication to a specific task will sure reward you with success and it shows that the power of our mind is greater than any obstacles.



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