Monday, September 21, 2015

Pageant Mom Feeds Daughter Tapeworms For Extreme Weight Loss

Maricar Cabral-Osorio, a nurse working in a florida hospital, have encountered some horrible scenes in the years working as a medical staff, but this time it really shocked her, when a teenage beauty queen was rushed to the emergency room one late evening.

The aspiring beauty queen told doctors she is suffering extreme abdominal cramping, and doctors originally thought the young teen might be pregnant. An ultrasound ruled out the possibility of the young beauty queen being pregnant, leaving the medical staff bewildered. 

As doctors began to delve into other causes of her abdominal cramping, the girl continued to complain and cry out in pain. Abruptly, she ran into the bathroom, violenty vomiting till she cannot breathe and would be gasping for air. 

The medical staff, Maricar Cabral-Osorio ran to the bathroom to check on the girl as she continued to voimit. Then she saw in the toilet that horrified her more than anything else she'd seen working as a nurse in ER. Full grown tapeworms moving around in the toilet bowl, squirming about and trying to get out of the toilet bowl. 

Maricar was really shocked and stood there frozen. Tapeworms are a form of parasite that gestate inside the body and grow to incredible lengths. Tapeworms usually burrow in undercooked food specially meat like pork and beef as a result of poor cooking methods. Most infections occur in developing countries. 

Pageant Mom Feeds Daughter Tapeworms For Extreme Weight Loss

Tapeworms can cause horrible complications, and can survive inside the human body for years at a time, growing and moving around all the while. When present in the digestive system, abdominal cramps or worms in stool are common. 

Pageant Mom Feeds Daughter Tapeworms For Extreme Weight Loss

The mother confessed to having fed her daughter special "diet pills" that she acquired in Mexico. As it turns out, the pills were loaded with tapeworm eggs, designed to cause extreme weight loss. Investigators said there were no charges filed against the mother of the aspiring beauty queen.


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