Friday, September 11, 2015

New Human-Like Species Found in South Africa

Homo Naledi May Change History The History of Our Species, which was discovered in South Africa, It’s not everyday that you discover a long lost cousin but today is that day.

A stack of bones were found in a cave in South Africa may possibly be a human-like species that scientist are reffering as homo naledi, offering them the same classification to which modern humans belong. Explorers made a remarkable discovery of 15 skeletons in a dark chamber near the wall of the Rising Star cave, reported the Guardian, around 25 miles north of Johannesburg. 

New Human-Like Species Found in South Africa

Video of the National Geographic-sponsored can be seen here. The exploration may be revolutionary for how we understand human evolution, researchers say, "Given that they embody a whole new species as yet undiscovered." The leader of the excavation team Professor Lee Berger, believes that the human bones found could have lived in Africa up to three million years ago, reported BBC. 

According to Professor Berger, he stated that "We'd gone in the idea of recovering one fossil. That turned into the descovery of multiple skeletons and multiple individual." “And so by the end of that remarkable 21-day experience, we have uncovered the biggest assembly of fossil remains of our early ancestors ever discovered in the history of the continent of Africa. 

It was the career defining event of our lives. Researchers believed that the skeletons are from both of the old and young, male and female. they also said that "we'd know more in the coming days and months." According to them the Homo Naledi seldom forages in the canopy floor but spends most of their lives in treetops to gather food and avoid predators down below.


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