Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New born Child was abandoned by the mother but a dog sent by angels saved her.

In Thailand an adventurous 2 year old dog named Pui leaves his home to explore the neighborhood, then return to his family.

One faithful day, he came accross roadside trash dump when a white plastic bag among the trash caught his eye. He began sniffing and pawing at the bag, realizing he’d made a shocking discovery. The dog knew what it had to do.

New born Child was abandoned by the mother but a dog sent by angels saved her.

He carried the bag on his mouth all the way back to his owner, he placed the bag on the porch and started barking loud. His niece, curious what Pui was fussing about, she opened the white bag only find a tiny newborn baby girl inside, barely alive but breathing. Her umbilical cord was still attached. What kind of monster could abandon their baby like this?. 

Pui’s owner rushed the baby to the hospital. She was in critical condition, having been born almost two months prematurely. The baby was placed in an incubator, Doctors say that the little angel was surprisingly lucky to have survived The mother carried this for 7 months then left her to die in a garbage dump the mother is far worse than a monster!. 

Because of his heroic deed, Pui received a leather collar with a medal attached to it. As for the precious baby girl, several families approached the Red Cross in hopes of adopting her. Pui was also given a Large Supply of Dog Food from a Company because of his Heroic Deed. What a Wonderful Dog. Dogs have such incredible instincts.

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