Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom Doesn’t Wake Up From C-Section. That’s When Doctors Know There’s Only One Tiny Hope Left…

Rylan Cawley probably did not remember the miracle that she made to save her mother. In fact, she came to this world just a few hours before.

But to those people and doctors who are there will understand and be astonished at how a tiny little infant save the life of her mother who is in serious condition. The mother Shelly Cawley can't remember much about Rylan’s birth, but she remembers being afraid.“I remember I was crying as the nurses lay me on the stretcher and they delivered me to the operating room.

 I said to the doctors and nurses that I was really scared that I might not wake up after the operation. Which is kind of bizarre to think now because it really came true,” Shelly told a News Reporter. 

While Shelly was under the effects of anesthesia in preparation for an emergency c-section, a blood clot broke loose in one of Shelly’s legs, which immediately sends the new mother into a comatose. Nearly a week after she went into a coma, Doctors began to worry that Shelly would never awaken from her deep sleep.

Many believed that Shelly had lost hope and they were afraid Shelly wouldn’t make it. Then, the medical staff staff had an idea in an effort to probably save the mother's life. The nurses put baby Rylan in her mother's chest in a final effort that Shelly might hear her daughter's cries. And they encountered another problem. “Rylan went right to sleep,” Rylan’s father, Jeremy, told WCNC. “It’s not what we needed. We needed Ryland to cry. 

Mom Doesn’t Wake Up From C-Section. That’s When Doctors Know There’s Only One Tiny Hope Left…

That’s what the nurses were saying. We were poking, and tickling to get Ryland to make some noises, but she was so happy that wasn’t happening right away. And the miracle that they were all hoping was answered. Rylan’s cries reached out to her mother and woke her from the coma. Miracles do happen indeed said an emotional member of the nursing staff.

Shelly fully recovered from her coma wihout any signs of damage and the proud mother of a sweet, bubbly little girl, Shelly believes in miracles as well. And she knows that there was something calling out to her in Rylan’s cries that brought her back to life. Every once in awhile we encounter dillemas that will bring us closer together and we hope and pray that a miracle or an act of god may happen in order to save our loved ones. Clearly miracles do happen you just have to believe.


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