Monday, September 28, 2015

Korean national begs for food and money while locals beat and hurt him before giving him anything

Neediness or hardship in the Philippines does not only affect local people but as well as the outsiders who live in the nation. Today, even the foreigners are compelled to practically beg for food and money.

Numerous South Koreans living in the Philippines are pulled in to the minimal effort of English-dialect training and lodging, both altogether less expensive than those offered in their local South Korea. With this at hand, many of them live in the Philippines and their population is getting greater by the day. Be that as it may, clearly, not every one of them are living well.

At this point, Koreans are in the greater part of the Philippines major urban zones. From up north in the cold city of Baguio to Davao City down south in Mindanao, Korean eateries and perishables, bearing Korean-dialect signs, can be seen. They have mixed well with numerous Filipinos. Many Koreans wed into the Filipino group, while some Koreans have numerous Filipino companions and friends. This is the reason the accompanying story is all the more shocking.

A Korean named Jun YouJin, has moved to the Philippines to be with his Filipina sweetheart. After a long while into the relationship, his better half began disregarding him, compelling him to practically beg the locals for sustenance and cash.

Korean national begs for food and money while locals beat and hurt him before giving him anything

Locally known as "Joseph", he roams the streets and approaches individuals for extra change. However, cash doesn't come that simple. He would be beaten or blazed with cigarettes by a few individuals before giving him any cash. Facebook user Bhabylynxan Maro Ponteras posted his story on the said site, trusting that his family in Korea may recognize him and bring him home.

We just hope that his family takes him home soon.



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