Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Fake Pepsi Bottles are being refilled

Fake Pepsi Bottles – You seriously need to see this, How Fake Pepsi bottles are being re-filled and re-packed, after watching this video will never drink beverages like before.

This is happening for real, we’ve gathered the video evidence.

Fake Pepsi bottles are not washed and the person who is filling is smoking while re-filling, so next time when you catch Pepsi bottle, make sure it’s the right one because there’s a possibility you are having one of these.

NCPak Expose is a series of evidence which we are sharing with the public, the videos / footage / material is not fabricated mostly INCPak Expose stands as the 3rd Party which conveys to the public.

Special thanks to Ahsan Shahzad for uploading this video on Facebook.



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