Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Get a free iPhone 6s for donating sperm

In an effort to get more men to donate their sperm, numerous sperm banks in China have now started a new tactic to accomplishing their quotas.

Sperm Banks are now offering iPhone 6s in exchange for donating sperm. Sperm Banks are also using the media to promote their new offers and it went viral on Social Media sites like wildfire. 

The current rate for donations is around 5,000 yuan (US$785) to 6,000 yuan (US$942) and the price of 16GB iPhone 6s is around US$649. So, the donation money can be easily used to buy an iPhone 6s. 

Donating your sperm is not that bad at all, it helps your community and you can purchase the smartphone of your dreams. 

Get a free iPhone 6s for donating sperm

Reports from china indicate that some chinese men and women allegedly sell their kidneys, in order for them to buy the newly released iPhone 6s, officials warn that your organ is more precious than this phone which will likely to be outdated anyway.


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