Sunday, September 13, 2015

A 5 Month Old Infant Dies, Left Alone Inside a Car for 8 Days without Food or Water.

Parents of 5 month old baby,Tracy Hermann and James Sargent,forgot to change the diaper of their baby, but also never to fed him. The five-month baby only weighed 2 pounds more then he weighed at birth when he was found.

Little Benjamin died with his eyes open, his fists clenched and strapped into his car seat after eight days without food or water. State Attorney Kevin Lyons said the parents simply left little Benjamin in his crib, strapped to his car seat, while they played video games, slept and ate.

Investigators interviewed the father who told them he looked after his son and moved him from time to time, but later confessed that he might not have moved Benjamin at all during that week. 

The mother allegedly told the police she went to check her son and saw him sleeping, so she said she placed a water bottle beside the car seat so when the baby awakes he could grab it himself and feed. A Peoria County Judge was compelled to sentence Sargent to the maximum of 100 years in prison for not showing remorse or guilt at the death of his son. 

Tracy Hermann, 21, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of her son Benjamin and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. She will have to serve her entire sentence and will not be illegible for parole. Spread this story around the world. This couple is a complete set of idiots, could you even thought that your baby can grab the water bottle on his own?. 
A 5 Month Old Infant Dies, Left Alone Inside a Car for 8 Days without Food or Water.
The couple should be sent to the gallows because of their crime. If they did not like to have the responsibility of being a parent they should have just sent it to a foster home and not neglect their child and treat him like a pet. 

It's so sad to hear a little angel suffer and die this way because his parents are immature and irresponsible. Let this be a lesson to those couples out there to think seriously about raising a family it's not like a walk in the park, you have to dedicate your life for the well being of your children. May you rest in peace little Benjamin.


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