Monday, August 31, 2015

Uganda’s ugliest man becomes father for 8th time

Uganda's hideous man' becomes parent for the 8th time with his 2nd wife Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked country in East Africa where Godfrey Baguma lives, also known as Sebabi, has fathered a large family despite his peculiar appearance.

A man dubbed as the ugliest man in Uganda has become a parent for the 8th time with his second wife. Godfrey Baguma, known as Sebabi - which literally means ugliest of them all is afflicted with a rare disease giving him his weird looks. The 47-year-old Sebabi married his second wife Kate Namanda who is 30 years old, in 2013. 

Uganda’s ugliest man becomes father for 8th time

Since then the couple have had six children two of Sebabi's child came from his first marriage which failed some years ago. When a reporter interviewed Sebabi he said. “I saw her sleeping with another man and I guaranteed her our marriage is over. My first wife married me because of my wealth, and ignored my physical apperance but people kept telling her that she should find another who is better looking and ran off with another man. 

Sebabi then met Namanda his second wife , who was 18 at the time, through his aunt who introduced her to him. He said, Namanda stayed with me for four years before her people knew where she was. I did not want her family to see me before we had a child because they would absolutely advise her to leave me. “She left me when she was six months pregnant, she later acknowledged her fate because she came back to me two months later. I told my second wife that I didn’t want to look like this and that if she feels I am a responsibility, then she is free to leave me.\


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