Thursday, August 6, 2015

This Guy Went Fishing In The Amazon And Came Across A Massive Prehistoric River Monster!

Once upon a time, the Earth was a very different place than what you see today. There were tropical jungles where snow now sits, and the water on planet Earth was home to some insane looking creatures. Food was plentiful and the world was growing older, but as time went on most species tapered off. Various worldwide events began to change the oceanic landscape as well as the surface world, but a few animals stuck it out.

In the rivers of South America you can find a monster fish that has been around since the Miocene period, meaning that it's been on planet Earth as long ago as 23 million years. The arapaima are known for their incredible energy, sometimes jumping clear out of the water when threatened. The fish is also an air breather, coming up to the surface similar to that of a turtle, which is how hunters have been spotting it for centuries.

This Guy Went Fishing In The Amazon And Came Across A Massive Prehistoric River Monster!

The arapaima are an important food source for the Amazon's many communities, and how to cook the delicacy is usually as easy as salting and/ or smoking the fillets, then rolling it into a cigar-like cylinder. Don't get any family vacation ideas to the Amazon though; arapaima can be found deep within the jungle amid territory that is absolutely crawling with insects and animals trying to survive. Family fishing tripsare fun, but coming back home with three different exotic infections tends to overshadow all the good times.

Another thing, the amount of sweating the Amazon can bring out in people is enough to drive you up the wall. Get ready for a workout if its the arapaima you're after.

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