Monday, August 24, 2015

The Stinging Spaghetti Monster of the Deep Sea

In depth, something unbelievable occurs. The bundle fiber mass is poking out of it and fibrous bits following after it.

And a group of researchers decided to honor its noodle-like features by dubbing them after a fairly tendrilled hero: The flying spaghetti man.

You might recognize the flying spaghetti monster from a parody religion, pantafarianism. It was featured in a parody of the iconic painting by Michaelangelo: Creation of Adam.

David Jones caught this confusing creatures on camera from the National Oceanography Centre, 125 meters below the surface of the ocean, just off the coast of Angola. The species name is Bathyphysca Confira, which belongs to the phylum that includes the more familiar of sra corals, sea animones and jellyfish

Whether you believe in flying spaghetti monster or not, you can still see it drifting eerily through the water in this video



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