Thursday, August 27, 2015

Obese Woman Arrested For Starving Her 7 Kids

27-year-old mother, Lakisha Connors, mother of 7 was arrested for neglect and starving her children nearly to death. The mother's neighbors called the cops when they saw extremely malnourished children going into the trash looking for scraps of food.

When investigators arrived and knocked on the door, they were met by three-year-old Amonte Connors and five-year-old Dante Connors who let them inside the house. Authorities say they found the mother passed out on the sofa. Investigators told reporters, “We went inside the house, we have found seven children who looked severely malnourished. 

Obese Woman Arrested For Starving Her 7 Kids

Investigators also found out that there was a lock on the refrigerator and all nonperishable goods were locked in a bulky wooden temporary storage container in the mother’s room.” Lakisha moved into the rental home only six weeks ago. Neighbors said, “Lakisha just moved in a few weeks ago. 

This was the first time I had ever seen any children!” said a neighbor who wished to stay anonymous. “But we see her almost every day coming into the house with groceries. So for her children to be malnourished like that was absolutely terrifying!” 

“When questioned by the Police of how her children were in this condition, Lakisha apparently said, without any sign of guilt or remorse, ‘The food is only enough for me! Those kids get on my nerves. But they also eat, they eat my leftovers. I’m a big girl I need more food than them!’” The 7 children were taken into protective custody by Child Protective Services.


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