Sunday, August 30, 2015

Boy Aged Seven Found Living With Pigs and Unable to Communicate with Humans

A seven year old boy was found alive in a family of pigs, and are unable to communicate with people. When social workers visited the family home in Fangyu City, Henan Province in central China, they found the boy in one of the pig pen, covered with dirt and grime and bruises and cuts all over his body.

There was a suggestion that parents allegedly neglected her three brothers and they were killed, and a fourth child was reportedly taken away by the aunt of the child shortly after birth. The alarm was raised after photos were posted on social media showing boy riding a tricycle in the back of his father's farm.

Then he met and monitored by local media, neighbors revealed the boy, identified as seven-year-old Liu Hongbo, is often heard crying after being beaten by her mother. One said: "When someone goes around once to tell her to stop, she just smiled as if nothing had happened, she always beat him and throws him around the house .." 

Boy Aged Seven Found Living With Pigs and Unable to Communicate with Humans

When he was found, he was sleeping outside in a pile of clothes in an empty pig pen and "smelt like a pig," but the social workers near the house of the boy can’t do anything for the meantime because they need approval from city officials before being able to intervene. He apparently could not speak, the experts believed, if he was placed in a normal environment, he could still learn to speak and have a normal life. China reports that the child was sent to stay with his aunt and was admitted to a local hospital for a physical examination.



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