Sunday, July 26, 2015

Viral : Woman raped boyfriend several times News is Fake!

The boyfriend was 18 years old and he stated that his girlfriend was a nymphomaniac and forced her to do unusual things in bed.

The elders of Bontoc, Mt. Province condemned the viral news on the Social Media. It is a part of their culture to make a gathering to teach the good moral to the citizens.

Viral : Woman raped boyfriend several times News is Fake!

Based on the statement by the mayor, the incident clearly affects their culture.
According to PNP PINSP. Faith Igualdo, The Bontoc Police Department did not encounter any case of rape against an Igorota lady who molested her boyfriend.
The PNP reminded the people to be careful on what they post on the Social Media or the Internet because one post can affect so many people and even the society.

A strong reminder for all the people in the social media, let us not believe everything that goes viral on the internet. Do not be judgmental and please take time to think of what you are watching or reading.



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