Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Son Finished College, Thanks to Poor Father’s Sacrifices

There is nothing that parents can leave to their children that is more priceless than education. The best gift parents can offer is for them to graduate with a degree that will give them high chances for a better life in this world. And the best reward—that they live up to their parents’ aspiration.

This story of a father and his son is a living testimony to that.

Son Finished College, Thanks to Poor Father’s Sacrifices

This story is from Thailand’s Nan Province,  a poor farmer who had very little knowledge and resources to support his son and family. He worked as hard as he could. He wanted to see his son become an educated and successful man. Everything he earned through his sweating as a farmer long working days he spent on his son’s education. It finally paid off. Son graduated and he never forgot the most important person, his father. A man who shed tears and sweat trying to uplift his life.

Son Finished College, Thanks to Poor Father’s Sacrifices

The father is a poor farmer of the marginalized Hmong tribe from the Nan Province of Thailand. Widowed by his wife after giving birth to the son, he spent years of his life working to provide his son everything he needs, especially to support his schooling. He even had to sell their meager belongings to pay for his son’s education.

After years of toil, all his efforts paid off when his son successfully graduated from Ratchpatr University in Chiang Rai in far northern Thailand. And now that he has attained success in his life, it is time that he gives back to his father and to his community.

On his graduation day, the son expressed his great pride in his father’s selfless sacrifices. Their pictures posing together are enough evidence of the immense joy both father and son feel.

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