Friday, July 31, 2015

Filipino invented a Lamp that runs in Salt and Water. Amazing!

Philippines is one of the countries that has a probblem with the electricity especially in the rural places.

An amazing invention was created by siblings Aisa Mijeno, computer engineer and her brother Ralph and and Oscar Bryan Magtibay. They created a special lamp that works with salt solution or a glass of water combined with two tablespoons of salt.

Filipino invented a Lamp that runs in Salt and Water. Amazing!

With that solution, they can have 8 hours of light. The lamp is environment friendly and is safer to use than the usual kerosene-fed lamp used by a lot of Filipinos.

The lamp also runs on sea water so the people who lives near the ocean and seas can gather water from there and pour it to the lamp to have light.

The lamp also has an emergency port where you can charge your smartphones, you just need to plug in the USB Cable.

This project was created to help the less fortunate people who do not have access to electricity. It is a social movement to make life for these people a little less difficult.


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  1. "Created" is a much more appropriate term than "invented" because the latter implies breakthrough. Electrolyte and electricity are not really that far apart.